Logistics as a service

Our name Endvision comes from our passion and commitment to deliver the end-vision of logistics as a fully integrated service for the offshore industries. Our goal is to deliver the most sustainable, cost efficient and end-user friendly supply chain concept to our customers, regardless of size.


First fully integrated logistics
service for the offshore industry

Our ambition is to deliver the most user friendly end-to-end logistics service solution for the offshore industries. Our goal is to enable any professional to become informed buyers of our service solutions.  

Maximum efficiency for overall
cost reduction on operations

Our service platform is designed to provide our clients with economy of scale benefits regardless of size. We believe our solutions can provide our clients with predictable lower logistics costs.  

Innovative solutions to reduce emissions
for a more sustainable future

Our service platform is developed to meet the offshore industries' challenges by simplifying and unlocking sharing economy opportunities. We strive to be part of the solution for a more sustainable future of offshore operations. 


Integrated Logistics Services

Endvision is a service contractor who provides logistics as a integrated service. Logistics is our core business and our value proposition is increased efficiency, higher flexibility and reduced emissions. Our team of highly experienced professionals are ready and fully committed to provide added value to our customers regardless of size.

Drilling Alliance

Our Drilling Alliance service line is directed in support of operating companies, drilling contractors or in collaboration with well management contractors. Our concept will enable operators and drilling contractors faster turn-around of rigs and provide opportunities of turnkey projects. Endvision is an enabler and can provide:

  • Logistics and material planning
  • Sub-contractor sourcing
  • Rig moves
  • Coordination during execution
  • Project demobilization and close-out

Offshore Wind

We believe our E&P experience can be transferred other offshore industries. Endvision are prepared walk the mile to find good solutions in support to installation contractors and operators within offshore wind segment. We aim through our partnerships to organize and manage the full value chain of logistics services. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Land & sea transportation
  • Quayside terminal services
  • Coordination
  • Towage, mooring and offshore hook-up


Sustainability is made up of the three pillars economy, society and environment. Our commitment to sustainability entails the solutions we provide, our people and our business conduct.  Our solutions unlocks economies of scale for our customers and will reduce environmental footprints of offshore operations.  Our people are the cornerstone of the company. We are convinced that all people have different sets of qualities. In Endvision we build diverse teams to complete the indivitual with the objective to make us better together.

Our values of Innovation, Collaboration, Quality and Sustainability shape our behaviour and are the essence of our business conduct.

About Us

Endvision AS was founded in 2020 with the idea that the E&P industry must change in order to stay competitive in the future. Our contribution is more sustainable and efficient solutions for offshore logistics. As vanguards we have built a sharing economy platform with a commercial model in which we are now taking the initiative to operationalize.

Kåre Magnus Herikstad


Kåre Magnus is co-founder and co-owner of Endvision. He holds a Msc degree in Logistics from Molde University College and he has 15+ years of E&P operator and service industry experience.  

His experience ranges from strategic sourcing, operational procurement, inventory management, logistics management and offshore operations.

He is an advocate for change, innovation and efficiency to meet a more sustainable future of offshore operations.

Jon Erik Opland


Jon Erik is co-founder and co-owner of Endvision. He holds a Msc degree in Petroleum Engineering from NTNU and a Master in Business Administration.

He has 15+ years of onshore and offshore experience from the E&P industry.

He is experienced in drilling engineering, offshore drilling operations and supervising, P&A operations and procurement for one of the main operators on the NCS.

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